PhD opportunities

A list of all the current research degree opportunities


This programme is jointly launched by the Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine (LSTM) and Lancaster University (LU) and offers fully-funded PhD studentships

The process for the 2018/2019 admissions round is now CLOSED
The next opportunity to apply will be in early autumn 2019 so keep watching for further details

More information about this programme can be found here.

Self funded

Self-funded PhD projects are always available within our research groups and divisions. Some of the projects below are examples of self funding opportunities for study. For more information on applying for research degrees click here.

PhD opportunities

Project Title Primary Supervisor Research department Application type Closing date
Malawi accelerated research in vaccines using experimental and laboratory systems – pneumococcal carriage Professor Stephen Gordon Clinical Sciences MRC/DTP
Modelling the microbiome of mosquitoes Dr. Grant Hughes Vector Biology MRC/DTP
Research into novel therapeutics and drug resistance of tropical infectious diseases Professor Giancarlo Biagini Tropical Disease Biology MRC CASE
Acceptability, feasibility and impact of implementing WHO endorsed alternative strategies for the elimination of onchocerciasis in South West Cameroon Professor Mark Taylor Tropical Disease Biology MRC/DTP
One Wolbachia to rule them all? Testing divergence in the symbiotic biology of clade C and clade D Wolbachia during filarial parasite development Dr Joseph Turner Tropical Disease Biology MRC CASE
Imaging the life and death of filarial parasites Dr Joseph Turner Tropical Disease Biology MRC/DTP
Malaria control through agricultural engineering in Africa Dr. Anne Wilson (LSTM) Vector Biology MRC/DTP
Epidemiology and control of Aedes-borne diseases in African cities Dr. Anne Wilson (LSTM) Vector Biology MRC/DTP
Clinical analysis of community-delivered small molecules as a rapid, ancillary treatment to reduce the pathology of snake envenoming prior to hospital-based antivenom treatment Dr Nicholas Casewell Tropical Disease Biology MRC/DTP
The surveillance and mapping of snakebite in sub-Saharan Africa Professor David Lalloo Clinical Sciences MRC/DTP
Developing the Next Generation Snakebite Therapy: recombinant, polyspecific, venom-neutralising immunoglobulins selected by phage display technology Dr Nicholas Casewell Tropical Disease Biology MRC CASE
Development and preclinical testing of a novel, rapidly effective exotoxin-specific Immunoglobulin (Ig) ancillary therapy for invasive bacterial infections Professor Robert Harrison Tropical Disease Biology MRC/DTP
Evaluating the long-term costs and benefits of controlling diabetes in Africa Professor Shabbar Jaffar International Public Health MRC/DTP
The 3D human liver spheroid model of malaria infection to study the pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics of novel drug interventions Professor Stephen Ward Tropical Disease Biology MRC/DTP, MRC CASE
The relevance of mobile elements for niche adaptation in Salmonella enterica Dr. Eva Heinz MRC/DTP, MRC CASE
Design and analysis of translational research using propensity score approach Professor Duolao Wang Clinical Sciences MRC/DTP, MRC CASE
Exploring ultraconserved sites in the mosquito genome as targets for gene drive Dr. Tony Nolan (LSTM) Vector Biology MRC/DTP
Innovative diagnostic approaches or tuberculosis in high burden countries – time to make a difference. Professor Luis Cuevas Clinical Sciences MRC/DTP, MRC CASE
Tuberculosis: are we barking up the wrong tree? Professor Luis Cuevas Clinical Sciences MRC/DTP
Genomic surveillance of a vector control trial in Uganda. Professor Martin James Donnelly Vector Biology MRC/DTP
Exploitation of glycan-blockers of sialic-acid receptors as an alternative therapy platform against diverse influenza viruses Dr. Mohammed Munir (Lancaster University) MRC/DTP, MRC CASE
Molecular and Phenotypic Monitoring of Anthelmintic Drug Resistance in Human Helminthiases Professor Russell Stothard Tropical Disease Biology MRC/DTP
Developing and evaluating next generation diagnostic strategies to Improve HIV testing among infants in resource limited settings (DETECT) Dr Angela Obasi Clinical Sciences MRC/DTP
Transcriptional modulation of host endothelium by PfEMP1 variants Professor Alister Craig Tropical Disease Biology MRC/DTP
Investigating promising malaria chemoprevention strategies for HIV-infected women in sub-Saharan Africa Professor Feiko ter Kuile Clinical Sciences MRC CASE, Overseas/Offsite
Characterisation of antibody function and B cell repertoire induced by typhoid conjugate vaccine and natural infection of Salmonella Typhi in Malawian children and adults Professor Daniela Ferreira Clinical Sciences MRC/DTP
New generation insecticides: investigating mosquito metabolism for early identification of resistance genes. Dr Mark Paine Vector Biology Self-funded
Oxygen therapy in acutely unwell adults in low resource settings Dr Jamie Rylance Clinical Sciences MRC/DTP, Overseas/Offsite
Modulating the gut microbiome in low birthweight (LBW) infants to prevent neonatal sepsis and anti-microbial resistance Professor Stephen Allen Clinical Sciences Self-funded
Characterisation of benzimidazole chemotypes with improved activity against whipworm infection Dr Joseph Turner Tropical Disease Biology MRC CASE
Drug target identification in the obligate intracellular bacterium, Wolbachia: a chemical proteomic route to discovering novel antibacterial targets Professor Mark Taylor Tropical Disease Biology MRC/DTP, MRC CASE
How do insects that transmit tropical diseases metabolise and resist insecticides? Dr Mark Paine Vector Biology MRC CASE
Target Identification of the AWOL based Macrofilaricide Drug Candidate AWZ1066 Professor Stephen Ward Tropical Disease Biology Self-funded
Establishing portable measures of vaccine efficacy Dr Gabriela Gomes Clinical Sciences Self-funded
Role of antennal P450s in mosquito mating and insecticide resistance Dr Gareth J. Lycett Vector Biology MRC/DTP, MRC CASE
The role of the IgM receptor FcmuR in malaria Dr Britta Urban, Professor Richard J. Pleass Tropical Disease Biology MRC/DTP
Parasite development in the mosquito host: New Tools and Treatments Professor Giancarlo Biagini Tropical Disease Biology MRC/DTP, MRC CASE
Pharmacodynamics of Intracellular Pathogens for the optimization and/or development of new treatments Professor Giancarlo Biagini Tropical Disease Biology MRC/DTP, MRC CASE
Tetracyclines as anti-morbidity drugs for lymphatic filariasis Dr Joseph Turner, Professor Mark Taylor Tropical Disease Biology MRC CASE
Methodological optimisation for detection of extended spectrum beta lactamase (ESBL) producing organisms for determining abundance and transfer potential. Dr Nicholas Feasey Clinical Sciences Self-funded
A data science approach for maternal health Dr Barbara Madaj International Public Health MRC/DTP