Matthew Dunne

Matthew Dunne, who is originally from Liverpool, came in 1997 to study the MSc course in Applied Parasitology and Medical Entomology. 

After his MSc, Matt spent 2 months in Cameroon studying Chrysops (Horseflies) as a vector for Loa Loa, and then running the LSTM DNA Sequencing unit for 9 months. Following his studies and with the encouragement of one of his LSTM tutors, Dick Ashford, Matt moved into the world of sales, focussing upon molecular biology and biotechnology. He has worked with a range of companies including Corning Inc and Sphere Fluidics Ltd in a range of sales and upper management positions.

Matt is currently working as UK & Nordics Sales Manager for Berkeley Lights Inc. Berkeley Lights is a Berkeley university spin out company looking at new technologies enabling the discovery and development of new biopharmaceuticals, offering novel ways to study single cell diseases such as cancer. Berkeley Lights has also been instrumental in helping the fight against COVID-19. The groundbreaking Beacon instrument has discovered antibodies from recovered patients which are now being used in various treatments and vaccines. 

What made you choose to study your MSc here at LSTM? 
The fantastic name the school has and indeed the history swayed me. I wanted to learn more about parasites and their vectors, so LSTM was the ideal and obvious choice. 

How do you think your time here shaped your future work?
It may sound corny, but LSTM really did make me the man I am today. I gained confidence and valuable skill sets and I found my love of travel. I was able to apply a lot of my knowledge when working in the Life science industry. 

How would you sum up your experience of LSTM?
LSTM offered me great guidance and really did set me up for the big world. I owe the school and Dick Ashford in particular a great deal of gratitude. 

What is your proudest achievement?
Of course, passing my MSc is my proudest achievement and a close second would be winning the President’s award for outstanding sales growth whilst at Corning.