PhD opportunities

A list of all the current research degree opportunities


This programme is jointly launched by the Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine (LSTM) and Lancaster University (LU) and offers fully-funded PhD studentships

Further information on the programme and application process can be found here

Self funded

Self-funded PhD projects are always available within our research groups and divisions. Some of the projects below are examples of self-funding opportunities for study. For more information on applying for research degrees click here.

PhD opportunities

Project Title Primary Supervisor Research department Application type Closing date
New malaria control products: investigating mosquito insecticide interactions to improve malaria control Dr Mark Paine Vector Biology Self-funded
The use of a human challenge model to test pneumococcal vaccine efficacy in Malawi Professor Stephen Gordon Clinical Sciences Self-funded
Solving malaria diagnostic resistance Dr Emily Adams Tropical Disease Biology Self-funded
Risk mapping and environmental delineation of filariasis transmission hotspots in Central Africa Dr Louise Kelly-Hope Tropical Disease Biology Self-funded
Molecular epidemiology of intestinal schistosomiasis and giardiasis in Kimi and Ngamba islands, Lake Victoria Professor J. Russell Stothard Tropical Disease Biology Self-funded
Multidisciplinary studies on female genital schistosomiasis (FGS) Professor J. Russell Stothard Tropical Disease Biology Self-funded
Investigating genetic barriers to the spread of gene drives designed for mosquito control Dr Tony Nolan Vector Biology Self-funded
New strategies and novel tools for lymphatic filariasis clinical lymphoedema Dr Louise Kelly-Hope Tropical Disease Biology Self-funded
Understanding the evolutionary space for the development of insecticide resistance Dr Tony Nolan Vector Biology Self-funded
The role of toxin-antitoxin systems in plasmid host range in the framework of the current global antimicrobial resistance crisis Dr Adam Roberts Tropical Disease Biology Self-funded
Bayesian model averaging approach to development of prognostic models Professor Duolao Wang Clinical Sciences Self-funded
Looking for a moving needle in a haystack: identifying environmental niches of Salmonella Typhi using shotgun metagenomics Professor Nicholas Feasey Clinical Sciences Self-funded
Modelling cardiovascular responses during treatment for sepsis – a data-rich longitudinal analysis to determine what mediates the harm from aggressive fluid resuscitation in Malawi Dr Jamie Rylance Clinical Sciences Self-funded
One Wolbachia to rule them all? Testing divergence in the symbiotic biology of clade C and clade D Wolbachia during filarial parasite development Dr Joseph Turner Tropical Disease Biology Self-funded