MRC Neonatal Nutrition Unit Network Meeting. Nigeria March 2018

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Table of presentations

Mon March 5th 2017 - open

Tues March 6th 2017  – open

Welcome and introductions

(Host and Steve Allen)

Critical issues in feeding LBW infants in Nigeria: Kemi Tongo


Critical issues in feeding LBW infants in Kenya: Alison Talbert, Walter Otieno


Systematic review: feeding practices for LBW infants in LMICs: Abimbola Akindolire

Expert review: Issues in feeding LBW newborns, risks/morbidity and the gut microbiome: Nick Embleton (by SKYPE)


Delegates to complete survey on neonatal feeding practices



Expert review: Neonatal sepsis in Ibadan: Kemi Tongo


Expert review: Early origins of respiratory disease: Kevin Mortimer (and team by SKYPE)


Expert review: Early origins of impaired development: Melissa Gladstone (by SKYPE)

Criteria for common neonatal morbidities: NNU network members

  • Birth asphyxia
  • Sepsis
  • NEC
  • Intestinal perforation
  • Major respiratory illnesses


Expert review: Developing core outcome sets: Ian Sinha



Overview of MoH and partners strategy for feeding LBW infants

(FMoH/Nutrition Unit/WHO

/UNICEF/Save the Children)



Critical clinical issues in LBW infants in LMICs: An opportunity for young clinicians/researchers to present relevant clinical audits and research projects




Meeting agenda