John Morgan

Senior Research Technician

Areas of interest

Mosquito culture, field collection, monitoring and development of assays related to control.


Started worked in 1970 at UC Cardiff.(UCC) in teaching laboratories and then as Research Technician for Prof. M. F. Claridge UCC on contracts studying aspects of Integrated Pest Management of rice pests in the Philippines, Sri Lanka, Indonesia and India. Specifically  specialised in technical aspects of substrate transmitted acoustic signals as an isolation mechanism.

Became Research Technician in Prof. J. Hemingway group at UCC  studying insecticide resistance in mosquitoes and other insect pests and in 2002 moved with the Hemingway group to the LSTM. Initially working with a group on NIH project developing novel resistance management strategies for A Funestus in Southern Africa.

Became involved in IVCC programme for vector population monitoring and development of long lasting IRS formulations and novel insecticide compounds.

Currently providing technical assistance on T I intervention programmes in African countries and Cambodia. A DIFID funded project titled: Artemisinin Resistant Malaria Research Programme: Intervention Study in Cambodia. PI:  Prof. J. Hemingway.

Selected publications