Dr Jane Ardrey

Post-Doctoral Research Associate

Jane has a background in project management and community engagement, and joined LSTM in 2009. She was the Programme Manager for the BREATHE-Africa Partnership from 2014-2018.The BREATHE-Africa Partnership drew together air pollution experts in 4 thematic areas: Mechanisms; Exposure and Biomarkers; Health Effects; Interventions and Policy with   aim of facilitating high quality research and developing research capacity, in Africa. 


Jane completed her PhD research under the BREATHE Interventions and Policy theme and the IMPALA air pollution strand. She used qualitative methods and the participatory methodology Photovoice to explore the socio-cultural factors implicated in the adoption of a clean cookstove intervention in the context of a large scale cookstove intervention (the Cooking and Pneumonia Study). Thesis title: Cookstoves and health, a view from the foot of the energy ladder: a qualitative study of a cookstove intervention in rural Malawi.

Multi-disciplinary research is crucial to the development of effective solutions that can reduce air pollution and improve health. Jane is a member of the IMPALA team where her air pollution research bridges the Social and Clinical Science disciplines.

Jane’s wider research interests are focused around health inequity and the potential of participatory methodologies to promote the strengths and priorities of the less powerful in health research.


Jane contributes to teaching of research methods within the International Public Heath Masters Programme (TROP934) and participates in the on-line Global Health programme (DLTROP206)

Selected publications