Dr Alasdair Hubbard

Postdoctoral Research Associate

Graduated with a BSc (Hons) in Microbiology from University of Leeds in 2007 and a Ph.D from St George’s, University of London in 2015. Between BSc and Ph.D, worked at the Health Protection Agency and Dstl, Porton Down. Post Ph.D worked as a Postdoctoral Scientist at a molecular diagnostic company and a Research Assistant at University of Oxford

My research interests are mostly based around AMR and development of novel antimicrobials, specifically the evolution of resistance in clinically relevant bacteria, the emergence and spread of AMR in different environments and identifying novel antimicrobials with activity to clinically relevant bacteria.

Fitness costs of acquired AMR in Enterobacteriaceae;

A reduction in the fitness of bacteria has been found to be associated with acquisition of resistance compared to the parent antimicrobial sensitive strain when the antimicrobial is no longer present. We want to take advantage of this fitness cost to minimise the persistence of resistance within the clinical setting and inform clinicians of the optimal treatment options to slow the emergence and spread of AMR. 


Selected publications

  • Hubbard ATM, Davies SEW, Baxter L, Thompson S, Collery MM, Hand DC, Fink CG, and Thomas DJI. 2016. Draft Whole-Genome Sequence of a Haemophilus quentiniStrain Isolated from an Infant in the UK.Genome Announcements 4(5)

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    Rehal RP, Marbach H, Hubbard ATM, Sacranie AA, Sebastiani F, Fragneto G and Harvey RD. (2017) The influence of mild acidity on lysyl-phosphatidylglycerol biosynthesis and lipid membrane physio-chemical properties in methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus. Chemistry and Physics of Lipids 206:60-70

    Hubbard ATM, Coates ARM and Harvey RD. (2017) Comparing the action of HT61 and chlorhexidine on natural and model Staphylococcus aureus membranes. Journal of Antibiotics 70:1020-1025