Master's Programmes

Each Master’s programme runs for 1 year, from September, and includes taught modules and a research project, leading to the submission of a dissertation. The research project is a highlight of the Master’s Programme. It takes place from May to August, and can include fieldwork overseas. Every year, a proportion of research projects are hosted by LSTM alumni, partners and collaborators. 

Our 2022 programmes have been renewed and there is a stronger focus on authentic scenario-based learning and developing transferable skills.

Register your interest in our Master's programmes for September 2022.

Please follow this link to register your interest and we will email you when the Master's programmes open for applications - please do check down the page as some programmes have now opened.

Other programmes opening soon include:

  • Master’s In Tropical Medicine
  • MRes in Tropical Health and Infectious Disease Research


We aim to:

  • Produce graduates who are experienced, committed, informed, proactive and effective professionals, capable of taking substantial and leading professional roles.
  • Facilitate high-quality learning that is informed by critical analysis of current research.
  • Develop independent and reflective approaches to study that will enable graduates to continue to learn in the future.

Please do email us on to let us know if you can’t access the system so we can help you.

We offer Master's courses for partner organisations  

Non-governmental organisations, governments, multilateral agencies, professional bodies and industry and Higher Education Institutions can access our programmes through mutual partnership arrangements to train selected cohorts of staff. Our specialist academics can also design and facilitate high quality bespoke programmes tailored according to participant and business needs 

Please email for further information.

Start date Duration Course Home fee Overseas fee
5 Sep 2022 2 years £12,900 MSc, £8,600 PgD, £4,300 PgC £12,900 MSc, £8,600 PgD, £4,300 PgC Apply
5 Sep 2022 1 Year £12,900 MSc, £8,600 PgD, £4,300 PgC £12,900 MSc, £8,600 PgD, £4,300 PgC Apply
12 Sep 2022 1 Year £10,250 £20,000 Apply
12 Sep 2022 1 Year £10,500 £23,000 Apply
12 Sep 2022 1 Year £10,500 £23,000 Apply
12 Sep 2022 1 Year £10,500 £23,000 Apply
12 Sep 2022 1 Year £10,500 £23,000 Apply
12 Sep 2022 1 Year £10,500 £23,000 Apply
12 Sep 2022 1 Year £10,500 £23,000 Apply