Stefanie Menzies

Post Doctoral Research Associate


Scientific Research Partnership for Neglected Tropical Snakebite:
Development and pre-clinical validation of next-generation snakebite therapies (toxin-specific human/humanized monoclonal antibodies). Design and production of toxin antigens to generate candidate antibodies for testing as new snakebite treatments.

Improving the treatment of venom-induced neurotoxicity in sub-Saharan Africa:
Design and construction of pan-African three finger toxin and PLA2 immunogens in virus-like particles and Fc-fusion proteins to generate antibodies, and evaluation of generated antibodies as anti-neurotoxic therapies.

DNA-based diagnostics for snakebite:
Development of methods to detect snake DNA in bite site swabs and blood samples from envenomed snakebite patients, to determine species of biting snake.

Investigations into adverse reactions to snake antivenom:
Analyses of datasets of Nigerian snakebite patients to determine risk factors for adverse reactions to antivenom.