Emma Reid

Research Technician and PhD Student

Prior to working at LSTM I gained my BSc (Hons) in Human Biology and Infectious Diseases at The University of Salford, I then went on to study for my MSc, also at Salford in Biomedical Science. My first scientific role was as an Allergen Analyst at Microseach Laboratories Ltd, here I tested various food products for the presence off allergens such as peanut and gluten using qPCR and ELISA.

For my first research project I was part of a team monitoring vector abundance, resistance and tracking parasite infection of Plebotomus argentipes sand flies within 3 states in India; West Bengal. Bihar and Jharkhand. I also assist with quality assurance surveys used to assess IRS performance, with all data from the project being uploaded to the Disease Data Management System (DDMS) to drive effective data driven decision making in VL. I was responsible for quality control of work in our collaborating laboratory whilst also implementing new SOPs and techniques within the laboratory in India. In October 2020 I started a new project investigating insecticide resistance in mosquitoes in DRC and looking at bednet stability and bioavailability of the insecticides on the net surface, I will be providing technical support to the project whilst also working towards my PhD.