Dr Kerry Millington

Programme Manager

Kerry Millington is a Programme Manager at the Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine (LSTM). She is currently working as a Researcher on the Knowledge 4 Development (K4D) programme, a consortium of six core partners providing evidence and knowledge to support policy and programme work across all thirteen professional advisory groups of the UK Government's Department for International Development. This programme replaces and builds on the evidence and professional development services previously provided of which Kerry worked within the HEART consortium providing knowledge and consultancy services from the wide-ranging expertise of LSTM and its networks on health, nutrition and education.

Kerry joined LSTM in 2010 from Imperial College London where she worked as a Post-doctoral Research Associate on a variety of projects including expanding the evidence-base of the diagnostic accuracy and prognostic value of new blood tests for diagnosing Mycobacterium tuberculosis infection. She completed her DPhil investigating T cell responses to Mycobacterium tuberculosis infection at University of Oxford in 2006 and her BSc Hons in Biochemistry at University of Leeds in 2001. At LSTM Kerry has also project managed an FP7 EU funded 4-year programme of research to develop evidence-based strategies to increase equity, integration and effectiveness of reproductive health services for poor communities in Tanzania and Niger (IntHEC) and worked on other projects of applied health and research delivery.

Research Grants (current)

Knowledge & Evidence for Development K4D DFID 2016 to 2021
Award holder at LSTM: Kerry Millington, Tim Martineau, Bertie Squire and Sally Theobald

Professional Evidence and Applied Knowledge Services: Health & Education Advice & Resource Team (HEART) DFID 2012 to 2016
Award holder at LSTM: Kerry Millington, Tim Martineau and Bertie Squire


Selected publications

  • Selected Publications

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    *Joint first author