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LSTM works with industry, donors and other partners to advance medicine in the Global South which impacts humanity worldwide.

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The work of the Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine (LSTM) has never been more important. Environmental change, urbanisation and travel mean that diseases are emerging and spreading at unprecedented rates.  Viruses and pathogens are mutating or developing resistance.  The World Health Organization (WHO) lists many diseases which could create public health emergencies, but for which there are currently no effective drugs and/or vaccines. The world’s poorest are disproportionately at risk and vulnerable to these threats.  

As recent events have shown, infectious diseases do not respect geographical boundaries and a globally focussed effort is needed to combat them.

LSTM was created by the visionary industrialists who recognised the devastating impact of tropical diseases over 120 years ago. We were the first institution in the world dedicated to tropical medicine research, producing many scientific ‘firsts’ and leaders, and we continue to lead today. Research at LSTM has never just meant working in a laboratory. We work in the field, often in challenging environments, and take immense pride in learning from our partners, co-designing and co-delivering high-impact solutions for health.

To meet the modern and evolving challenges of infectious and non-communicable diseases amidst the complexities of climate change and globalisation, LSTM’s work focuses on building scientific capacity in the Global South through research, innovation and education.

For more information on how LSTM has played a leading role in the global effort to tackle COVID-19, click here.

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