Student living costs

Liverpool is one of the most cost effective student cities in the UK and with our competitive tuition fees and comparatively low cost of living, we offer an affordable student experience at a high quality, world renowned institution.

We estimate that you will need between £6,000 and £8,000 per year for your daily living expenses including accommodation, food and local travel. Of course your actual living costs will vary according to your lifestyle.

It is important to budget your money carefully. The below table gives you some examples that demonstrate current living costs per month.  You can find out more about student living costs at the UKCISA website.

International students who are sponsored by LSTM on a Tier 4 visa will have to meet the UKVI financial requirements for maintenance.  Please see the latest guidance document here.

Average cost of living expenses

Accommodation: £300 - £850

Travel (to include weekends away – bus/train): £0 - £165

Food: £50 - £150

Mobile: £20 - £40

Study costs: £10 - £60

Leisure: £20 - £200

Laundry: £0 - £30

Household bills: £0 - £65

Gym membership: £10 - £30

Approx: £400 - £1,560