Multidisciplinary studies on female genital schistosomiasis (FGS)

In sub-Saharan Africa infection with Schistosoma haematobium gives rise to FGS which has a major detrimental impact on women’s sexual and reproductive well-being. Although preventable, there are currently several bottlenecks within the health system that restrict expanded access to care. Interfacing with national control programmes (for example options include Cameroon, Madagascar, Nigeria and Zambia), this PhD will: explore alternative tools in disease surveillance, assess the effects of FGS referencing sub-fertility, and identify best delivery routes for preventive chemotherapy. The student would likely undertake a placement in Merck-Global Health Institute, Cousins, Switzerland and the Global Schistosomiasis Alliance (GSA), London

Where does the project lie on the Translational Pathway?

T2 – Human/Clinical Research, T3 – Evidence into Practice, T4 – Practice to Policy/Population

Expected Outputs

1. Publication of results in leading global health and tropical medicine journals.

2. Development of new partnerships and delivery mechanisms to enhance recognition, treatment and prevention of FGS.

3. Enhance LSTM NTD initiatives e.g. building on impetus of COUNTDOWN and interdisciplinarity.


Training Opportunities


Skills Required

Good quantitative skills with interests in molecular epidemiology and burden of disease estimation.

Key Publications associated with this project

Kukula, V. et al. (2019). “A major hurdle in the elimination of urogenital schistosomiasis revealed: Identifying key gaps in knowledge and understanding of female genital schistosomiasis within communities and local health workers” PLoS NTDs: e0007207

Bustinduy, A.L. et al (2017) “Paediatric and maternal schistosomiasis: shifting the paradigms” British Medical Bulletin, 123: 115-125.

Christinet, V. et al. (2016) “Female genital schistosomiasis (FGS): from case reports to a call for concerted action against this neglected gynaecological disease” International Journal for Parasitology, 36: 395-404.

Stothard, J. R. (2012). "Female genital schistosomiasis - icebergs of morbidity ahead?" Trends in Parasitology 28(5): 174-175.


LSTM Themes and Topics – Key Words

Neglected Tropical Diseases