Centre for Health in the Eastern Mediterranean (CHEM)

Focussing on education and training, research, and technical assistance in the Eastern Mediterranean

Countries in the Eastern Mediterranean (EM) have made major strides developing the health of their populations. Advances have been made in strengthening health systems in the region to move towards improved and more equitable health.

There are, however, many challenges to be faced.  The region is facing difficult social, economic and political change with major implications for public health and health systems. At the same time, countries are facing dual burdens of both communicable and non-communicable diseases.  Health systems are under strain as major questions are asked about issues such as resource allocation, health human resource shortages, equity, governance, and health care funding.  While some health systems reforms have been introduced, there are debates around the appropriateness of them to lead to better and more equitable health.

CHEM has been created by LSTM to carry out activities in public health and health systems and build stronger links with like-minded institutions in the EM. The Centre will focus on education and training, research, and technical assistance.  It will not only build on the broad international experience of LSTM, but also on the network of links already established in the EM and its history of public health and health systems strengthening in the EM region.

 For more details on CHEM, please contact CHEM Director, Amir Hassan.