Professor Phil Padfield

Dean of Education

Professor Phil Padfield was appointed in 2018 as the first Dean of Education for LSTM.

Phil is a cellular physiologist by training, gaining his undergraduate degree in Biochemistry from Bristol University and then a Ph.D. in physiology from The University of Manchester.

He moved to the USA in 1988 to take up a position in the Department of Cell Biology at Yale University. After 12 years in the States he was recruited back to the University of Manchester to lead research on functional foods.

Since returning to the UK in 2000, Phil has become increasingly involved in postgraduate taught education and has been responsible for developing a number of Masters programmes.

In 2014 he was appointed Associate Dean of Postgraduate Taught Education for the Faculty of Biology Medicine and Health with responsibility for the 95 masters programmes delivered by the Faculty.

Phil was also responsible for establishing the Manchester Academy for Healthcare Science Education (MAHSE). Under his leadership the MAHSE became the national lead for the education of MHS healthcare Science trainees with input from six universities and healthcare staff from over 40 NHS Trusts across the UK.


As Dean of Education Phil has overall responsibility for the strategic development of LSTM’s teaching and learning portfolio.


Phil’s research interests focus on diet and health particularly how certain dietary components influence cellular biochemistry to combat disease. Past research projects have included examining the importance of cholesterol in maintaining intestinal barrier function and the influence of plant polyphenols on the mammalian cell cycle. He also has a long-standing collaboration with former colleagues at the University of Manchester investigating the impact of food production techniques on the bioavailability of food allergens.

Other relevant experience

Accreditation Panel Chair for National School of Healthcare Sciences

External Examiner for MSc Stratified Medicine, University of Ulster

Education Advisor for British Blood Transfusion Society

Recent Publications

Javed, B., Couch, P., Munro, C., Padfield, P., Sperrin, M., Simpson, A. & Mills, E.N.C. (2017) A protocol for a systematic review to identify allergenic tree nuts and molecules responsible for their allergenic properties. Food Chemical Toxicology (in press)
Smith F., Pan X., Bellido V., Toole G., Gates F.K., Wickham M., Shewry, P.R., Bakalis S., Padfield P. & E.N.C. Mills (2015) The digestibility of gluten proteins is reduced by baking and enhanced by starch digestion. Molecular Nutrition and Food Research in press