Dr Greg Murray

Post-doctoral research assistant

I am a behavioural ecologist with interests ranging from analysis of individual behaviours to modelling population dynamics. Previous studies include describing mosquito host-seeking behaviours as well as individual based modelling of both natural and artificial systems, focusing on common riverine fish species. My work currently centres on factors influencing animal host-seeking and foraging behaviour. Outputs of my work include the development of an individual based model, probability distribution models and videography behavioural experiments. Prior to mosquitoes I worked with roach Rutilus rutilus, bean weevil, aphid and parasitoid wasp species.

Current Projects

I am working for the Wellcome Trust funded collaboration entitled Improving the efficacy of malaria prevention in an insecticide resistant Africa. MIRA.  In collaboration with the University of Warwick, we are using a novel video-tracking system to characterise behaviour of insecticide resistant vector populations in the field in Burkina Faso (with CNRFP), with emphasis on host-seeking behaviour.