Professor Steve Ward

Steve Ward

Professor Ward is the Deputy Director and Walter Myers Professor of Parasitology at Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine (LSTM). 

After a year working as a Research Fellow at Vanderbilt University in Tennessee, Steve returned to Liverpool begin his UK academic career.  Working initially as a Lecturer in Tropical Pharmacology at LSTM, Steve then held a number of senior research and teaching positions at the University of Liverpool before being awarded a Personal Chair in 1999. Steve returned to LSTM as Walter Myers Professor of Parasitology in 2000. 

Steve is also currently Head of Drug Discovery at LSTM with a portfolio of antimalarial, anti-TB and antihelminthic drugs. He has delivered one molecule to full international registration, three molecules into human trials and a further four molecules through a completed full preclinical development. He has a key role in the Gates funded AWOL product discovery initiative and collaborates with Eisai Pharma, Japan supported through the GHIT initiative to develop new macrofilaricide drugs. 

During his career, Steve has established a significant number of international collaborative links with key organisations, including the Kenyan Medical Research Institute, Wellcome Trust Research Laboratories Kenya, Centre for Drug Research, University Sains Malaysia, Mahidol University Thailand, Thammassat University Thailand, Guangdong University of Technology China, GSK DDW Madrid, Astra Zeneca. He was appointed Member of the MMV External Scientific Advisory Board in 2008. 

His most recent awards include the Dr Chitavat Sadavongvivad Memorial Medal from the Thai Pharmacology Society in 2010, the Thompson Medal from the Royal Society for Chemistry awarded in 2011 and the Sornchai Looareesuwan Medal from Mahidol University in 2013.