Athena SWAN Achievements

We are proud of our many achievements arising from our engagement with Athena SWAN.  Our achievements include the following:

  1. Introducing the Valuing People series of good-practice guides for line managers which includes practical guidance on supporting staff across a range of topics including breastfeeding, domestic abuse, menopause as well as a model plan to support staff to plan their gender reassignment.
  2. Establishing a photographic exhibition to celebrate the diversity of people across the LSTM community.
  3. Establishing the Line Managers Forum (LMF) to promote networking and information via the LMF Facebook group and quarterly meetings.
  4. Publishing our Gender Pay Report and using this as the basis for action planning.
  5. Introducing the family-leave checklist to help people plan for periods of family leave – including making use of KIT days.
  6. Providing a wide range of equality training and engaging staff and students in action-planning workshops including some single gender workshops.
  7. Undertaking an annual Equality, Diversity and Athena SWAN survey and using the results to continually improve.
  8. Improving communications and raising awareness of Athena SWAN such as regular updates at the School Staff Forum and LSTM newsletter.
  9. Creating social space for students.
  10. Improvements to diversity data collection and reporting mechanisms
  11. Introducing a new equality impact assessment toolkit and workflow to ensure all policies are assessed for their impact on equality
  12. Improved risk assessment arrangements for people who travel to hostile environments so that the relevance of protected characteristics can be identified
  13. Establishing a parent buddy network for staff and students
  14. Creating dedicated intranet pages for staff on fixed-term contracts
  15. Celebrating International Women’s Day and engaging with charities that work with marginalised and disadvantaged women for example Savera (a UK charity that workswith Black Minority Ethnic communities to challenge attitudes towards domestic abuse and harmful practices such as forced marriage, “honour” based abuse and female genital mutilation), and MRANG (a local charity that works with women refugees, asylum seekers and their children).

We seek to continually improve and promote equality. Athena SWAN is a key element LSTM equality and diversity strategy which draws together a range of initiatives into a single cohesive plan that promotes consistency and ensures that the same strategic management, monitoring and reporting arrangements apply holistically.